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Outbound Deliveries

Each shipment involves picking of the ordered products, packaging and shipping. See example


  • Same-Day Shipping if in till 3.30pm
  • End-to-end tracking & notifications (E-Mail & SMS)
  • Best carrier & delivery options
  • Up to 70% discounted shipping rates through Zenfulfillment volume discounts
1Order handling incl. packaging
1,40€per package+0,55€per item
See rates


Monthly storage fee per cubic meter. See example


  • Full insurance of your products (up to 400€ per item)
  • Secure & modern warehouse
Storage fee
12,00€per m3


Each return includes quality control, restocking and shipping.


  • Quality Control
  • Restocking (A-/B-/C-/D-Stock)
1Return handling fee
1,40€per package+0,55€per item
2Shipping label
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We also offer additional services like custom packaging, kitting & assembly or marketing inserts. Talk to your Zenfulfillment Account Manager after signing up.